Sources of News in Evolutionary Biology

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Sources of News in Evolutionary Biology

Postby Timothy Chase » Sat Oct 21, 2006 5:28 pm

Our central focus for some time to come will undoubtedly be offensive: identifying specific organisations and individuals within the creationist movement; identifying what they actually stand for, the nature of their attack upon science, education, society and civilisation; and, the coordinated nature of this attack.

However, many of us are quite interested in evolutionary biology, and discussing recent discoveries is something which many of us certainly enjoy. Moreover, such discussions are more likely to pull people in peak their curiousity and their sense of wonder, and thus help make them more active members in the community which we are building.

As such, I have included a number of links on news in evolutionary biology. Some of the material is non-technical, other semi-technical and other material is technical. These links should help fascilitate such discussions in the days to come. Moreover, they should counter the creationist propaganda to the effect that evolutionary biology is just "Darwinism" and statements to the effect that evolutionary biology has been standing still for the past 150 years. Likewise, it will help to counter the argument that all evolutionary biology consists of are just stories - by actually showing that evolutionary biology is a thriving multi-disciplinary endeavor with many cutting-edge discoveries. Moreover, such cutting-edge discoveries may help to inspire many of the young into persuing a career in some discipline involving evolutionary biology.

To date, I have included blogs by scientists (but I have also included the blog of Carl Zimmer - a science writer for the NYT), journals in Britain, and journals outside of Britain - among other things. Currently, I am only including journals which have some open access material - since many people may not be able to afford very many subscriptions. The links are somewhat scattered given the categories. However, below are the majority of links to date related to new developments in evolutionary biology.

Blogs by Scientists:

Pharyngula - - This is the highly acclaimed blog of PZ Myers. Science journal Nature has listed Pharyngula as the top-ranked blog written by a scientist. PZ is an American academic and outspoken critic of ID. We met him very recently in London

The Loom - - Carl Zimmer is a science writer for the New York Times and author of several books

Evolving Thoughts - - John Wilkins blog. John's focus in on the philosophy of biology and is quite active in the online community defending evolutionary biology.

Palaeoblog - - Evolution. Extinction. Fossilization. Blog of Michael J Ryan, Ph.D.

Afarensis - - This author's blog focuses on anthropology, evolution and science

The Daily Transcript - - Alex Palazzo's blog has a good mixture of molecular biology and personal views. His posts often involve cutting-edge material in evolutionary biology

evolgen - - RPM's blog focuses on molecular population and evolutionary genetics and genomics

Stranger Fruit - - John M. Lynch is an evolutionary biologist and historian of biology

Mike the Mad Biologist - - Mad rantings about politics, evolution, and microbiology

A Few Resources in Evolutionary Biology on the Web (primarily educational - for teachers, but with some news)

Understanding Evolution - - for K through 16, brought to you by Berkley and the National Center for Science Education

Evolution Education Institute - - A US professional development program originating in the Michigan Scientific Evolution Education Initiative. Lesson plans, links, articles and more.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute - - is one of the world's largest philanthropies, supports considerable research in evolutionary developmental biology, supports education in evolutionary biology, and has newsletters as well as Sean Carroll.

The Unofficial Stephen Jay Gould Archive - - biography, library reviews and interviews. One of the coauthors of punctuated equilibria theory, often a target of creationists and one of their more outspoken critics.

Scientific Journals list - - at BioChemWeb - . A list of some of the journals which regularly include articles of immediate relevance to evolutionary biology, many of which are available on the web.

Online Journals in the UK of Relevance to Evolutionary Biology

Oxford Journals: Bioinformatics - ; Journal of Heredity - ; Molecular Biology and Evolution; mutagenesis ; Nucleic Acids Research (older articles are often available to the public as part of the Open Access Initiative)

Online Journals Outside the UK of Relevance to Evolutionary Biology

PLoS Journals (Public Library of Science Journals, US): Biology ; Computational Biology ; Genetics ; Medicine ; Pathogens ; One (Articles are freely available to the public as part of the Open Access Initiative)

Journal of Biology published by BioMed Central. Open Access.

Molecular Systems Biology - - published by Nature at MSB is Open Access.


Undoubtedly there are many more links worth including. But this is a start. At some future point, we may wish to break up the links page into separate pages according to categories.


Last Update: 2006.10.22

Included PZ Myers' Pharyngula (which was already on the links page) and Carl Zimmer's The Loom.

More links may be found on:

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Postby Ian Lowe » Sat Oct 21, 2006 10:40 pm

Excellent Resource Timothy - I have made the topic "sticky", so that it's always at the top of the forum.
Ian Lowe

Postby Timothy Chase » Sun Oct 22, 2006 3:43 am

Ian Lowe wrote:Excellent Resource Timothy - I have made the topic "sticky", so that it's always at the top of the forum.

Glad you like it.

If it is going to be a sticky-reference, though, it should include PZ Myers and Carl Zimmer. I am unsure whether Zimmer should technically be regarded as a "scientist," but he has authored books on evolution and related subjects, clearly has a great deal of knowledge at his command, and is quite accessible. I may edit the header later - next sticky update.

The links page will be updated more frequently - otherwise those who subscribe via email will receive the full list every time a single link is added.
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