Someone posted deliberate nonsense on the AiG website

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Someone posted deliberate nonsense on the AiG website

Postby a_haworthroberts » Sun Apr 22, 2018 11:21 pm ... h-genesis/
"... One of the most common refrains about the environment from the news media goes something like this: [insert disaster here] is coming if we don’t stop [insert bad thing some scientists claim we’re doing to destroy the earth]. Recently, most of these reports are somehow tied to climate change.
While some of the evidence suggests that the earth has warmed recently (see sidebar for information), many scientists build their conclusions upon a faulty view of earth’s history. If we start with the Bible, we know how old the earth truly is, what happened in history (e.g., the global Flood, the one Ice Age), and what will happen in the future (Revelation 21–22). God is in control and reminds us in His Word not to be afraid of what tomorrow will bring (Matthew 6:34). Far from being an excuse to abuse the world, this is the real justification to take care of it—without resorting to scare tactics and exaggerations of the data.
In fact, the alarmist claims of climate change are counterproductive because they establish a political environment in which scientists showing problems with the currently accepted models are often vilified. This detracts from the main point and makes the “fight” the focus. Starting from the Bible and the history recorded there, we should care for the planet as God intended without living in fear over whether there is global warming or cooling (as some have suggested ...)."

The LIAR Upchurch falsely claims that if you start with the Bible you 'know' there was an ice age after the Genesis flood. Total rubbish. The LIAR Upchurch claims that 'starting with the Bible' we should 'care for the planet' whilst totally ignoring whether the planet is currently rapidly warming and why this is happening. Total rubbish. He claims to know how to care for the planet 'as God intended'. But there is NO Bible support that God wants Christians to LIE about or simply IGNORE observed and measured scientific data. AiG are part of an anti-science fundamentalist cult.

And the science hating fundamentalists are pushing this propaganda film as well (you can tell how extreme they are by the use of phrases like 'scare tactics and exaggerations' and 'rampant misinformation propagated by ecological alarmists'). ... u=30-9-225
'Global Warming: A Scientific and Biblical Expose of Climate Change.'
The YEC LIARS claim: "Global warming is real, but it is not primarily man-made." The YEC LIARS claim that this is the "biblically-based and thoroughly balanced view of climate change...". The YEC LIARS claim viewers will "learn how you can be effective in caring for creation without becoming an unwitting accomplice to the myths of global warming".
The morons even say: "God’s promise to Noah was that, “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and winter and summer ... shall not cease” (Genesis 8:22)." If there is 'NO' dangerous global warming post-flood then there was NO 'ice age' post-flood EITHER. But these fools refuse to see that because they are fanatics, fundamentalists, anti-science cultists who are not above using propaganda and bullying other Christians on non-salvation issues.

In the new post dated 22 April (its actually 9 years old and AiG are STILL pushing the same ordure as before even though man-caused global warming is even more certain in 2018) the LIAR author is claiming that this is "going (truly) green" by "starting with Genesis". But he is doing NEITHER - he is teaching and pushing misinformation and calling it 'Christian'. No.

I found a review (one of a number and some were positive which is to be expected when propaganda tactics are used while the content is labelled 'Christian' or 'Bible-based') of that 2009 film. At See: ... B001E0KSAM
The review reads as follows:
"As an evangelical Christian and a scientist, I was alternately shocked, horrified, disgusted, infuriated, and ultimately ashamed as I watched this video. I am not sure how I made it to the end, but I did.
As someone intimately familiar with the science presented here--more so than some of the 'experts' they interview here--I can say with confidence that this video contains no more than a mis-mash of half-truths, lies, and red herrings.
As Christians I believe we have a commitment to truth in every aspect of our lives, even if it may appear to be in conflict with our personal opinions on politics. In making this video, the Answers in Genesis Institute and the people who appear in it have crossed far over that line; and if they are not ashamed of themselves--well, I am, on their behalf. What a witness to the world this is. With major relief organizations already struggling to cope with the effects of climate change on the dispossessed worldwide, the time to mistake political positions for Christ's teachings and hence justify the deliberate muddying of the waters on climate science has long past.
For those who are interested, much more balanced and well-informed perspectives on faith and the environment are available from organizations such as the National Association of Evangelicals and World Vision."
And just as true in 2018.

PS And Upchurch has never been a scientist or environmentalist: ... r-atheist/
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