If the Bible is infallible and complete history

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If the Bible is infallible and complete history

Postby a_haworthroberts » Sun Apr 08, 2018 3:10 pm

Might we expect the following:

- a limited and somewhat 'jumbled' or 'random' fossil record with eg human fossils appearing at all levels, but also with a distinct 'spike' of fossils around three quarters of the way down;
- genetic evidence that we are all descended from eight humans alive 4,500 years ago (and perhaps some evidence that they were all descended from just one man and one woman alive 1,500 years earlier);
- fixity of species, before and after the Genesis 'global' flood;
- no evidence for any ice age glaciations 'after' a global flood, and no evidence that human behaviour that alters the composition of the atmosphere could cause dangerous warming if we don't bother to change the behaviour to try and bring that warming to a halt (because despite sin the original creation was very good, including Earth's atmosphere, and also because God promised that seedtime and harvest would not fail after the Genesis flood ended);
- no extinctions other than perhaps some known to have been caused by human behaviour ie that the fossil record would not include vast numbers of creatures unknown from human history or 'observational' science such as large flying reptiles or massive marine reptiles from the Mesozoic (Genesis 1 refers to great creatures of the sea but that may well mean whales);

Or am I being simplistic.
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