UK YECs met Jerry Coyne - old unseen video?

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UK YECs met Jerry Coyne - old unseen video?

Postby Brian Jordan » Sun Feb 02, 2014 8:07 pm

Old news, perhaps a new link. LucidFlight on RatSkep has unearthed the video of the five UK YECs who were taken the the USA in 2012 to meet Jerry Coyne on the brink of the Grand Canyon. IIRC at the time there was speculation as to whom the YECs might be. An additional link reveals that there were none of the usual suspects. The YouTube video is said to be an hour long, but for the sake of completeness it can be seen here:
The YECS are Phil Robinson plus
Sam Lucas—a Christian student. Sam had read a little on the subject before the trip, and brought a copy of CMI’s Creation Answers Book with him, as well as theistic evolutionist Dennis Alexander’s book Creation or Evolution: Do we have to choose? At the start of the trip Sam was not sure whether the age of the earth was important.

Jojo Meadows—a Christian who works for a Christian magazine. Jojo had not really read much on the subject and seemed to be largely unaware of any of the issues involved.

Bronwyn Rees—a Christian woman who had also read very little on the subject matter, but who is a creationist.

Abdul Akim Hashee—a Muslim who sells perfume for a living. Abdul described himself as a very devout Muslim. Abdul would certainly not describe himself as a creationist, and was very keen to point out at every opportunity that his Muslim faith was very different from the Christian faith.
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