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Postby Brian Jordan » Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:50 pm

I thought even the YECs claimed the fludde to be no later than BC times. It seems that it's been re-calculated to somewhere around 1950 AD. Whether this is Ken Ham's doing or Adnan Oktar's, who's to say?
Turkish academic claims Prophet Noah used cell phone to call his son before flood
Not only that, but
He also claimed that Noah himself built the ship made of steel plates and this ship used nuclear energy.
Yet this loony is said to be
a lecturer at the Marine Sciences Faculty of Istanbul University
Not even Ham or Oktar claim such credentials. But then again, maybe he lectures on Koranic Science, in which case he must be correct when he says
that the Prophet Noah called his son via cell phone shortly before the famous flood, the story of which is recounted in both the Quran and the Old Testament.
Surely, though, that could really mean that just the story of the flood was recounted, without mention of telephones, steel hulls or nuclear-powered engines. That sentence sounds rather like careless reporting, rather than an attempt to justify the academic's nonsense - or maybe the editor was looking over his shoulder when he wrote it.
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