Home schooling - dinosaur in the room

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Home schooling - dinosaur in the room

Postby Brian Jordan » Fri Dec 29, 2017 10:02 am

A diluvian dinosaur, at that.
The Yorkshire Post today reports, on its front page, that there has been an upsurge of home schooling in recent years. In Bradford, for example, the number has increased from 269 to beastly 666 - an increase of 148% over 4 years. In the county as a whole, 4,500 children are being home schooled, 45,000 in the whole country.
The rise is attributed to several reasons - bullying, mental health, poor choice of school or even lack of places, and "personal choice". Unless "personal choice" is a euphemism for it, there is no mention of the dinosaur: fundamentalist/literalist religion.
At the moment, the article is available in the print edition only. Previous stories have appeared on-line so it may pop up later.
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