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Postby a_haworthroberts » Tue Feb 17, 2015 9:44 pm ... Ken+Ham%29
It doesn't matter if pork (or ham) is off the menu at these English primary schools - as long as the kids there are told that evolution is a load of cobblers...
Ham hates 'naturalism'. Ham is anti-science.
I thought God was something people believe in by faith. Yet Ham appears to be saying that UK public education should teach 'God' right across the curriculum. That, I am sorry, would be INDOCTRINATION.

PS Ham's sidekick Purdom on Facebook today:
"I absolutely love science! Anyone who says biblical creationists are anti-science are willfully ignorant. The man in this video received a bionic eye and I sat there listening to the story with my bionic ear! This device does essentially what my cochlear implant does, it bypasses the "broken" parts and feeds the information directly to the brain. Praise God for science that helps us live well even in a fallen world!"

She is assuredly anti-science. Being anti-science does not mean that you hate medical advances (necessarily). The wilful ignorance comes from those who claim that God makes 'science' possible but then in the next sentence exclaim that all 'historical' science must be totally wrong - not because it relies to some extent on unifomitarianism and because not all its conclusions can be totally proven, but simply because its evidence-based conclusions clearly falsify a literal reading of the 2,000+ year old book of Genesis (and they then make up their own 'young universe' pseudo-scientific catastrophist drivel and pass that off as real and historical 'creation science').

As it happens, I picked up a couple of new pairs of spectacles today following an eye test last week, having been squinting at the computer screen a bit recently. I love science too.
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