Guardian's Andrew (Muddled) Brown on creationism

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Guardian's Andrew (Muddled) Brown on creationism

Postby Brian Jordan » Fri Jul 19, 2013 2:14 pm

Well, he's more muddled on science than creationism. So that's very muddled. Oh, and he hates Jerry Coyne,
Virginia Heffernan's creationism is wrong but makes good sense

The tech writer understands that the biblical account is a story. It's just one that she prefers over the stories told by science
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Re: Guardian's Andrew (Muddled) Brown on creationism

Postby cathy » Fri Jul 19, 2013 7:51 pm

Tis a very odd article indeed to be in the Guardian. Brown is usually ok-ish (well in his low opinions of some of the new atheists) but this is bonkers. Just cos you don't rate Jerry Coyne (or Dawkins) as individuals doesn't make them any the less brilliant as evolutionary biologists and therefore right on science. Nor does it make evolution a 'story', or creationism anything other than dishonest garbage.

Plus it doesn't make sense as an article and still not sure what point he's trying to make? But its the end of very long term and six weeks freedom beckons and I'm off to the Juarassic coast tomorrow for a holiday and wishing I knew a bit more geology to really appreciate it :cry:

Plus I'm afraid he's wrong about stories and facts. Evolution v creationism is FACTs v stories and you can't 'choose' facts they just are. Even if you don't like them!!!! Silly man.

Don't know much about Jerry Coyne, but his book was excellent. Especially nice for the religious for pointing out evolutionary biology says little about us as people and is not scary its just a fact. And I liked it for pointing out evolutionary psychology was a discipline in its infancy, high on opinions but low on facts or evidence or half decent research techniques YET, but that evolutionary biology was true, fact, theory and science.
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