US stealth creationism - bad news from Zack Copplin

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US stealth creationism - bad news from Zack Copplin

Postby Brian Jordan » Fri Mar 08, 2013 9:20 pm

If students realize that creationist supplemental materials violate their rights and want to try to end their use, they have to appeal to a review committee that is stacked against them. That’s because the student who is making the complaint is allowed to select only one of the panel’s judges, while the publisher of the supplemental materials, the teacher and the Jindal administration’s Department of Education together get to pick the four other judges who decide the matter.

Louisiana’s law is even harder to monitor from outside the school district. There is no standard curriculum or uniform use of the materials, so it is difficult to discern which schools are using which books and to file public records requests. “Textaddons,” a fully debunked supplemental material that has been promoted by the Louisiana Family Forum for science classes in the state, illustrates the creationism proponents’ covert nature. On the forum’s website, the “Textaddons” publisher stipulates that those who want to order a copy must supply their school’s name and their personal residence, noting “I will mail only to a home address.” This kind of secretive marketing makes it tricky for schools to know what their teachers are teaching.
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