More ancient collagen

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More ancient collagen

Postby Brian Jordan » Wed Mar 06, 2013 1:16 pm

This time from 3.5M year old camel bones. Will the creationists claim this proves the bones are 6000 years old max, or will they slowly back down? Or isn't it collagen at all? I haven't followed up the story, but it sounds as though it's collagen.
Canadian researchers have discovered the first evidence of an extinct giant camel in the High Arctic. A 3.5 million-year-old fossil was unearthed on Ellesmere Island, the most northerly part of Canada, which faces the Arctic Ocean.
Dr Buckley used the “collagen fingerprinting” technique to identify the animal. He extracted collagen from the bone fragment to create a profile. He then compared the profile to 37 modern mammal species, as well as that of a fossil camel found in the Yukon. He discovered the collagen profile for the High Arctic camel was almost an identical match to the modern dromedary as well as the Ice-Age Yukon camel.
I've no idea what a "collagen profile" might be - I wish these journalists would at least say where the research can be found.
EDIT: looks as though it is collagen. More details here: and a link to Naturewhich leads on searching to where there is far too much information to take in quickly. I think the critical bit, from our point of view, is this:
Type I collagen, the dominant protein in bone which is shown to survive longer than other genetically informative biomolecules(23), is sufficiently variable between mammal genera to be useful taxonomically(24)
The paper promises to be an interesting read.
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