Convergent evolution: flying fish

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Convergent evolution: flying fish

Postby Brian Jordan » Wed Oct 31, 2012 7:56 pm

The world's oldest flying fish took to the air 80million years before birds appeared in the skies

Newly discovered species is 240million years old, say palaeontologists
It is unrelated to modern flying fish but evolved for same reason, they say

By Damien Gayle

The world's oldest flying fish glided over the seas in a bid to evade predators some 240million years ago, Chinese palaeontologists claim.

Fossils held in Chinese museum collections have been dated and categorised to reveal flying fish existed much earlier than was previously thought, the researchers reported.

There are no known specimens of modern flying fish older than about 65million years, but it appears this ancient unrelated specimen evolved the same ability much earlier.
One, it seems, might even have flown over the Cuckoo's Ark! :twisted:
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