Ooh what feathers - and wings too, my dear dino!

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Ooh what feathers - and wings too, my dear dino!

Postby Brian Jordan » Thu Oct 25, 2012 9:59 pm

Now give us a beaky kiss!
Research suggests that not only did wings evolve in dinosaurs earlier than previously thought, they may have evolved merely for courtship displays.

A study in Science describes three Ornithomimosaur specimens - distantly related to birds - from Canada.

Both juvenile and adult specimens had evidence of downy feathers, but only an adult had wing-like structures.

That suggests that wings may have evolved not for flight, but rather to aid in the quest to reproduce.

The Ornithomimids - from the Latin for "bird mimics" - superficially resembled modern-day ostriches, with a toothless beak, large eyes and long legs, but they also had a long, thick tail.
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