Satanic... paintings.

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Satanic... paintings.

Postby Brian Jordan » Thu Oct 25, 2012 2:52 pm

Art historian and critic Alastair Sooke reveals how the Devil's image was created by artists of the Middle Ages. He explores how, in the centuries between the birth of Christ and the Renaissance, visual interpretations of the Devil evolved, with the embodiment of evil appearing in different guises - tempter, tyrant, and rebellious angel.
... and employer of science teachers? BBC4 Monday 9pm
Alastair shows how artists used their imaginations to give form to Satan, whose description is absent from the Bible. Exploring some of the most remarkable art in Europe, he tells the stories behind that art and examines the religious texts and thinking which inspired and influenced the artists.
How they made it up, that is. How do our Biblical "literalists", themselves experts at making things up, portray the devil, I wonder?
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