Hunt's 'anti-science' views slammed

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Hunt's 'anti-science' views slammed

Postby ukantic » Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:30 pm

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been accused of holding "anti-science views" and promoting "primitive social attitudes" by a leading Liberal Democrat in the Lords.

Lord Taverne launched his attack on Mr Hunt over his backing of homeopathy and recent call to cut the abortion limit to 12 weeks.

At question time, Lord Taverne criticised Mr Hunt for "his opposition to research into hybrid stem cells" and "stirring up the abortion debate". ... 884427260A
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Re: Hunt's 'anti-science' views slammed

Postby cathy » Thu Oct 11, 2012 7:39 am

Ah Jeremy and his magic water cures. More a way to cut budgets really, magic water instead of expensive chemo, less patients to treat and a massive economic boost to the undertaking industry.

As for women and rights. Good grief man, we're just totty to produce more tory babies. Maybe if we're so tired, run down and depressed from child rearing we won't go out and vote for damn commie NHS supporters and bloody poor people wanting luxuries like food.

This IS the same Jeremy that was fixing it for Murdoch to run the media and government in return for a cosy home inside his bottom wasn't it.

Still what you don't understand is Jez is just bowing to necessity. All we can realistically expect from the scientists and doctors of tomorrow is magic water. Gove is working hard to ensure nobody will have the qualifications to do stem cell research or medicine. Cos Gove is introducing magic schools run by creationist looney tunes and steiner weirdos. So alls well that ends well.

From Camerons speech yesterday I learnt that Eton must be 15% smaller than state schools and run by creationists. Least that is what he seemed to imply when he said wanted everyone to have the sort of posh education he had with Goves reforms. Cos as far as I can see - the money for education is going to the creationist loons and fruit loops while the sorts of schools that would administer a good education are being left to starve.

Ah well Clegg will mediate the worse of the reforms ha ha ha ha ha. When he's finished making the tea and building the Cameron shrine.
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