Cretin Museum exposed - again

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Cretin Museum exposed - again

Postby Brian Jordan » Wed Jun 06, 2012 3:20 pm

This time by the Guardian:
I've talked to a number of theoretical physicists during my tour of America, and often the subject of parallel universes has come up. This week I actually got to visit one, when I spent a disorientating afternoon in Petersburg, Kentucky, at the Creation Museum.

The Creation Museum bills itself as a natural history museum, but it's one from a world in which we are certain that God created the Earth and everything in it, roughly 6,000 years ago, and all in six days. Anything that looks older – fossilised dinosaur bones, multiple strata of sedimentary rock, signs of ancient water erosion and the moving of the continents – were all caused by one catastrophic event, the flood that Noah and his family so adroitly survived by building a massive floating menagerie.

This is nothing you wouldn't see or hear in your average fundamentalist church, but what makes the Creation Museum different, and controversial, is that it promotes the idea that not only is everything stated in Genesis chapters 1-11 true, but it can be proved … with science. And the museum has teams of qualified palaeontologists, geologists, biologists and historians working on this. Oh, and baraminologists too. You haven't heard of them? Neither had I.
Snelling is interviewed at some length and there's even a recording of it. Apparently he tells us where the dinosaurs came from, but I haven't listened to it. I'll leave that delight for others!
NB: "Next week: The people who fight the creationists"
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