Nobel laureates against US school creationism

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Nobel laureates against US school creationism

Postby Brian Jordan » Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:26 pm

The international science community’s consensus that the Louisiana Science Education Act is little more than a means for creationists to insert their decidedly non-scientific views into biology classrooms in Louisiana’s public schools continues to gain momentum as more Nobel science laureates sign on to an effort to repeal the act and pro-science organizations worldwide view the debate in the Pelican State as a referendum on reason.

The act was signed into law in 2008 by Gov. Bobby Jindal, an Ivy League biology major who doesn’t break a sweat pandering to the religious right, namely the Louisiana Family Forum, which lobbied vigorously for the LSEA’s passage and was rewarded with near unanimous approval in both chambers of a Louisiana Legislature increasingly dominated by Luddites and flat-earthers.

Seventy-four recipients of the Nobel Prize in the sciences have now signed a letter addressed to state lawmakers urging them to repeal the act. A 75th scientist, Sir John Sulston of Britain — Sulston was the 2002 Nobel winner in medicine — has endorsed the letter without signing it. And for the second year, state Sen. Karen Carter Peterson has filed a bill that would do just that. Peterson’s effort died in committee during the 2011 session amid strong opposition from the religious right.
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