Mouse to Mastodon = 24M generations

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Mouse to Mastodon = 24M generations

Postby Brian Jordan » Tue Jan 31, 2012 12:18 pm

It's been estimated that it took 24 million generations for mammals to evolve from the small creatures that coexisted with the dinosaurs to animals the size of elephants. Nothing surprising there, but it's unusual to see it done in terms of generations rather than years. It's no doubt been calculated from the time elapsed and the generation-length of the animals, but it's still interesting to see a figure put on it.
What fraction of these 24 million generations did it take to get from those living skeletons staggering, half starved, off the ark to diversify to the wide range of creatures we see now? However many, could they really fit them into the available 1,750 years or so? ... s-big.html
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Re: Mouse to Mastodon = 24M generations

Postby Dagsannr » Tue Jan 31, 2012 1:58 pm

Being generous and allowing for 2000 years (given Marc thinks that speciation pressures reduced after a while and slowed the rate), I work that out to around 1.37 generations per hour.

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However, I'm sure creationists will point out that Noah took on much more baramins that just one mammallian proto-species. So let's reduce the number of generations required to get from those original baramins to the diverse range of species alive today (bearing in mind, most species in the fossil record are now extinct) to around, what? 2000? That's a nice, round, conservative estimate...

That's a generation every year. Easily done for small species but for us? Or elephants? Or whales?

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