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Behe in Glasgow

Postby Paul Braterman » Thu Nov 25, 2010 11:48 am

Humanist Society Scotland had a dozen people leafleting the meeting. What follows is an account from someone who attended. It sounds very similar to the meeting at Leamington, of which Cathy gave such a good account at viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2502

"Hi I was at the meeting. The theatre has a capacity of 500 and was full. The proceedings started 15 minutes late due to the cumbersome check-in procedure which involved checking each name against a list, a bit like voting. Behe?s talk overran by an additional 15 minutes or so which meant that there was limited time at the end for Q & A. The talk was very predictable with all the old favourites trotted out ? mouse-traps, bacterial flagellum, malarial parasites, etc. He showed several quotes from Dawkins? books where, for instance, the latter made reference to the fact that many systems in biology ?give the appearance of being designed?. Behe seemed not to notice the word ?appearance? and tried to give the impression that Dawkins supported the ID principle. Many in the audience, not being fully conversant with the situation, could have been fooled by this ploy and similar others. He rambled on for at least and hour and a half before starting on a Q & A session. I?m afraid this achieved very little. Someone presented Behe with a scientific paper that refutes his flagellum theory but he simply rambled on for ages with a lot of technical jargon that few in the audience would understand. The Man with Microphone then moved quickly on to other questions, most of which were easily countered. Because of the shortage of time for questions and the size of the audience, the Q & A session never developed into a vigorous dialogue which might have revealed what proportion of the audience were pro and anti Behe. It is probably a reasonable assumption that the majority were ?churchy? people. The turnout indicates the amount of interest this topic has in the area. The meeting was introduced by Alastair Noble who is the director of locally-based C4ID and who will be its ?face? in the future. Although they maintain that they will not be targeting schools, it?s obvious that their intention is to get their text-books into schools. Noble has said that he has been invited to speak in schools. It?s all very depressing; we really need to think about what more we can do to oppose them."

I would add that presumably Explore Evolution and Expelled; No Intelligence Allowed were being peddled here, as they were at Leamington.
Paul Braterman
Paul Braterman
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Re: Behe in Glasgow

Postby GrumpyBob » Thu Nov 25, 2010 8:59 pm

21st Floor has a report from Behe's Glasgow gig:
Irrelevant Design

Some rather good links, and a nice conclusion.

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