Young Earth Creationism: Not Only in America

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Young Earth Creationism: Not Only in America

Postby ukantic » Sat Jun 12, 2010 8:52 pm

As recently as 2000, the late Stephen Jay Gould reassured the world that we needn't worry about creationism because it was a "peculiarly American" phenomenon. Ron Numbers's insightful and comprehensive book, The Creationists, quoted Gould as saying, "As insidious as it may seem, at least it's not a worldwide movement. I hope everyone realizes the extent to which this is a local, indigenous, American bizarrity."

Gould wasn't wrong about much, but on this particular topic he could not have been more wrong.

While it is certainly true that the US population consistently rejects evolution to a greater extent than people in the rest of the developed world (with the exception of the citizens of Turkey), creationism has increasingly become a matter of contention around the world.

The most recent non-US outbreak has taken place in Northern Ireland, where the Belfast Telegraph brought a fundamentalist minister and a Queens University scientist -- a church-going Christian scientist at that -- together for "a tour of the natural history section of the newly refurbished Ulster Museum." ... 91873.html
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