Two centuries on, a salute to Charles Darwin: Hero for our a

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Two centuries on, a salute to Charles Darwin: Hero for our a

Postby Peter Henderson » Sun Dec 28, 2008 6:30 pm

Desmond Morris writing in the Dailly Mail: ... o-age.html

Two centuries on, a salute to Charles Darwin: Hero for our age

We are not helpful to one another because of some sophisticated moralising, but because we have evolved that way. It is as much a part of our animal nature as is our urge to compete with one another.

That is the way we are, and there is no need to introduce the pious teachings of the Church to make us good - it is already in our genes.

Creationists will have none of this, and insist that all of nature is the work of what they now call an 'intelligent designer'.

If such a being existed, this monstrous designer would have to accept the responsibility for having created all the wonderful life forms we see around us, and then of cruelly inventing countless unspeakable agonies for them in the shape of leprosy, cholera, cancer, syphilis, plague, malaria, AIDS, fevers, parasitic worms and the rest.

What a charmer this designer must be; creationists are welcome to their hideous creation.

Then, one day, when a major crisis occurs - a massive epidemic that nearly wipes us all out, or a huge asteroid that strikes Earth - we will be ready to evolve a little further and to survive this disaster because natural selection will be able to find just enough of us who can cope with whatever new environment comes our way.

Sooner or later, inevitably, there will be a gigantic planetary upheaval of some kind and Homo post-sapiens will eventually emerge from the chaos.

Let's just hope that it turns out to be Homo super-sapiens, and not Homo sub-sapiens.

Some interesting comments:

"Rubbish, Darwin recanted on his deathbed, he believed in God and knew we didn't come from monkeys, if we did, why haven't the monkeys in zoos turned into men?"

"The idea was that it was created perfect then man´s downfall made it bad. Take it or leave it but don´t distort it. As for evolution, it was around a long time before Darwin, he just made it fit with an atheist version."

Looks like the Homo sub-sapiens are here already :cry:
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Re: Two centuries on, a salute to Charles Darwin: Hero for o

Postby Roger Stanyard » Sun Dec 28, 2008 8:02 pm

Peter Henderson wrote:Desmond Morris writing in the Dailly Mail: ... o-age.html

I posted the fundamentalist quote on monkeys to FSTDT - it hasn't come up yet.

It never fails to amaze me how pig shit ignorant the average creationist is. They seem to have no comprehension of their own ignorance, arrogance and stupidity.
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