Dr Grady McMurtry - What are his qualifications and scientif

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Dr Grady McMurtry - What are his qualifications and scientif

Postby ukantic » Fri Dec 26, 2008 1:36 pm

Dr Grady McMurtry - What are his qualifications and scientific expertise?

Dr Grady S McMurtry describes himself as "Full-time International Creation Emissary, Biblical Scientific Creationist, Apologist" and operates the organisation called "Creation Worldview Ministries", based in Orlando Florida, which appears to have no other staff (according to their web site).

Given his high profile in the UK on Revelation TV recently and his novel ideas on genetics, global warming and plate tectonics I thought I would check out his qualifications and record of scientific research in these areas.

http://www.hudson.nu/blog/2008/12/dr-gr ... e-his.html
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Postby Peter Henderson » Fri Dec 26, 2008 5:27 pm

Alan: Check my post:

http://community.bcseweb.org.uk/viewtop ... 6&start=15

By the way Michael, have you seen any of Grady McMurty's video, currently being broadcast in clips by Howard Conder on RTV ? The production is very amateurish rather than professional (despite Conder's claims)

Even though he (Mcmurtry) has no qualifications in geology (I'm more qualified than he is in the subject) he makes some truly bizarre claims. He seems to focus on layers (YECs are obsessed with layers) around the Dead Sea as proof of the global flood. Another claim he makes is that there's a crack in the crust which runs the full circumference of the Earth and which originates at Philippi (the source of the flood waters ?). This is a new one on me.

I think it would be worth while for the BCSE to purchase a copy of this DVD and do a review.

McMurtry was quized at length by an Atheist from South Wales about his qualifications as a scientist and whether or not he had any papers peer reviewed. McMurtry became highly embarrassed when he admitted that his PhD was in apologetics and that his BSc was in agriculture. Graciously, the Atheist backed off at this point.

i did think Michael would have responded to McMurtry''s "crack in the Earth's crust" claim which really is truly bizarre (Condor lapped the whole thing up). Gordon's blog links to most of the WiF programmes on Youtube where McMurtry makes the claims.

I think it would be bennificial for the BCSE to purchase the DVD (available from the end of Jan. 2009) and tear these claims to shreds.
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Postby ukantic » Fri Dec 26, 2008 11:02 pm

Thanks Peter, I have actually pointed out to Gordon that Grady had been the topic of discussion on the forum before. He may not have come across this information as I don't think Google indexes any of it.

I'm not so sure about purchasing the DVD, creationist drivel is everywhere, why pay for it.
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