Euro creationists leaving woodwork

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Euro creationists leaving woodwork

Postby Brian Jordan » Fri Nov 21, 2008 7:02 pm

The sweet aroma of Darwin celebrations seems to be luring the creationists of mainland Europe out of the woodwork. Two consecutive topics on the Richard Dawkins "Debunking Creation" forum point to this.
The first is about "Creationist pamphlet to be spread in the Netherlands" - they're expecting to raise 400,000 Euros to produce 6 million pamphlets. ... 46&t=64076

The second is "FAO Norwegians - The Creationists Are Here" - about a Christian organisation called "Origio" which has got the web domain which will be critical of Darwin and evolution. They're also staging a showing of "Expelled". ... 46&t=64193

(NB: The RDF forum is public, but you need to register to see the subforums, which include Debunking Creationism.)
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