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New creation/evolution book

Postby Peter Henderson » Sat Nov 01, 2008 8:24 pm

This might be worth a read: ... z13227.php

Science And Earth History: The Evolution/Creation Controversy by Arthur N. Strahler
01/11/2008 . Source: Geoff Willmetts

pub: Prometheus Books. 552 page illustrated with index large hardback. Price: $ 62.98 (US). £27.95 (UK on Amazon) . ISBN: 1-57392-717-1.

Buy Science And Earth History in the USA - or Buy Science And Earth History in the UK

check out website:

If you were keen to have a comparison between what science says about the world and that of Creationists adherence to the Bible, then do I have a book for you. As author Arthur Strahler points out in comparison, there are many science books and very few expanding on the Creationist belief let alone comparing the two which makes it even more remarkable that it is taken seriously by even Presidential hopefuls. Creationism I mean, not this book which really should be required reading at senior school.

If you thought the Fundamental Creationist belief only started off with the biblical depiction of Adam and Eve being kicked out of Eden some six thousand years ago then you also have to look at the another aspect from the Bible. This one is the Great Flood where Noah and his family take pairs of most animals and stashes them in an ark for forty days and nights. Think about that flood. It would make our tsunamis look tame in comparison, wiping out all land-living life. I doubt no matter how massive the ark was that it would survive such a beating. The ratio of marine-life to land-life would be drastically altered, not to mention the lack of genetic diversity from the ark population which would need a long time to diverse let alone re-populate the world. I mean, why did the marsupials go home to Australia and not leave any trace of themselves in the rest of the world? Creationist theories fall apart on the most simplest areas of logic.
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