YEC deliberately offering fictions as facts

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YEC deliberately offering fictions as facts

Postby a_haworthroberts » Thu May 28, 2015 4:52 pm

I hesitated to make another post about a 'lying' YEC but decided to do so because the article in question was so bad and because the YEC is British and living here - so I'm re-posting an email sent yesterday:

Message as sent to AiG via their website:

"Burgess propaganda: ... -the-gaps/

"Creationists are sometimes accused of ignoring scientific evidence and being anti-science. But belief in God in no way diminishes zeal for how life works." That is not a refutation, it is an EVASION.

Because you ARE science deniers and thus anti-science: "The only “science” that creationists do not use is the speculative science of evolution that has nothing to do with useful operational science." You do NOT get to tell the world that if it is not 'useful' it is 'not' science but 'science'. You have to prove evolution is false.

"Since evolution has no credible evidence ...". LIAR. ... ution.html

"That missing link is still missing today despite extensive searches for fossil evidence of evolution all over the world." LIAR. There are plenty of plausible candidate fossils.

"Fossil evidence shows that no ape-like creature has ever had an arched foot for walking upright." LIAR."
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