Things YECs say about oxygen and life on Earth

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Things YECs say about oxygen and life on Earth

Postby a_haworthroberts » Fri Oct 10, 2014 7:01 pm

Although the writer(s) of Genesis (unless it was God) knew nothing whatsoever about oxygen, YECs insist that the Bible makes clear that God created Earth's atmosphere, including the oxygen we breathe, before the first life during creation week (water is mentioned, which of course is H2O as we now understand).
"Free oxygen is death to life trying to evolve, but it was present early on, being formed naturally from atmospheric carbon dioxide." ... fore-life/
"Over the past 40 years, researchers have thought that there must have been a small amount of oxygen in the early atmosphere. Where did this abiotic (“non-life”) oxygen come from? Oxygen reacts quite aggressively with other compounds, so it would not persist for long without some continuous source.
Now UC Davis graduate student Zhou Lu, working with professors in the Departments of Chemistry and of Earth and Planetary Sciences, has shown that oxygen can be formed in one step by using a high energy vacuum ultraviolet laser to excite carbon dioxide."

Then Coppedge gets really excited (text in green at the crev link):
"Evolution is dead. Oxygen is death to prebiotic chemistry... Evolutionists cannot get life to start if oxygen was around. This is a make-or-break finding, and it just broke evolution. Sorry, guys; game over. Look for another explanation. Creation, perhaps?"

Apparently ex nihilo creation of life from dust or out of thin air did not face the same oxygen problem that abiogenesis would have faced ...

Scientists understand that most of Earth's oxygen is likely to have been produced by early life - something the Bible does most definitely not hint at.
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