Comparative Cosmogony

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Comparative Cosmogony

Postby Peter M J Hess » Fri Apr 13, 2007 11:00 pm

Marc, according to the cosmogonies of some Indigenous North American peoples -- which are neither more nor less literally trustworthy than Genesis 1-3 -- the earth was formed from mud brought to the surface by a muskrat who dived down into the primeval waters. What gives you the right as a member of a religious tradition that comprises only one fifth of the human population to force a literal reading of our Judeo-Christian creation myth onto the world as being more valid, more trustworthy, more beautiful, and morally more compelling than other cosmogonic myths? Why are you apparently incapable of recognizing cosmogony when you look directly at it?
Peter Hess

See ... earth.html
Origins Canadian History to Confederation. 3rd edition. R.D. Francis, R. Jones, D.B. Smith, Harcourt Brace & Co. Toronto, 1996.

Long ago there was a time when water covered the entire world. Napi the creator wanted to know what happened below all of this water. He sent a duck, an otter, then a badger, but all came up with nothing. Finally, a muskrat dived beneath the water and was down a very long time. He returned with a ball of mud in his paws. Napi took the lump and blew on it until it dried and was transformed into the earth. He molded the hills, valley, and mountains with his hands. He created grooves in the earth for rivers and lakes. The first people were molded from this earth and Napi taught men and women how to hunt and to live. Once Napi felt his work was complete, he climbed up to a mountain peak and disappeared.
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