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Alan Franklin: The Free Press Online

Postby Peter Henderson » Fri Mar 28, 2008 3:47 pm

This guy was a guest on Howard Conder's World in Focus last night (I really will have to get out of the house more !)

Might be useful to take a browse through his website as it will give you an idea as to the way fundies think.

The subjuct of last night's programme was "end times prophecy" and much of the sentiment was very anti-EU. Franklin quite heavily promotes UKIP and denies global warming (which he describes as a scam). His ideas are commonplace in NI. I'm not sure how widespread this view is within the church in the rest of the UK. Very soon there's going to be a one world government, the anti-christ will emerge from the EU, and we will all have "micro-chips" implanted (the mark of the beast). He appears to be a YEC:

Incidentally, if evolutionists think that it takes millions of years for geological layers to be laid down (as I was wrongly taught at college) , go to Mount St Helens in Washington State. Pat and I have been there. You will see that many layers of sediment were laid down, looking exactly like those that people claim are "millions of years old" - and yet were laid down in 24 hours. Fact.

Has it ever occurred to sceptics as odd that on mountain tops there are sea shells and ocean debris? You can often find fossils of sea creatures high up on rock faces. I have collected such fossils.

Could Noah's Ark really hold all the animals that were supposed to be preserved from Flood?
A growing number of scientists believe that geological evidence indicates our world has undergone a catastrophic flood. This is causing them to question whether or not the biblical account of Noah's ark could be true. Many people are rereading the Biblical description of the Ark to ascertain the feasibility of such a vessel to fulfill its designated purpose in light of present day knowledge of both zoology and our present day knowledge of shipbuilding.

Evolution Is Impossible

Evolution is biologically impossible
Evolution is mathematically impossible
Many scientific reasons Evolution is not why we are here and The earth is only 6,000 years old

He also claims the KT boundry is evidence of the flood:

There was indeed an extinction event and it did wipe out most plant and animal species. This event was worldwide and left solid evidence behind – e.g. the K-T Boundary, a global phenomenon. This event is recorded in the Bible in the Book of Genesis, the book of beginnings. It was a judgement of God.

Another UK YEC to keep an eye on, especially since he seems to be actively involved in politics

Also appearing with him was Bob Mitchell. Can't seem to access Mitchell's blog.
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Re: Alan Franklin: The Free Press Online

Postby Anonymous » Sun Mar 30, 2008 9:10 pm

Peter Henderson wrote:This guy was a guest on Howard Conder's World in Focus last night (I really will have to get out of the house more !)

I had a Jesuit friend around for a weekend recently and he still struggles to come to terms with how creationists can rationally believe the corrupted theology they do.

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