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Creationist bloggers can be infuriating. If one has infuriated you by persisting in nonsense even when corrected, or refusing to reply to your criiticsm, you may feel driven to recording the fact. If so, you may register your disapproval here and hope a response is forthcoming.

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Risner and Wolcott - HIGHLY manipulative

Postby a_haworthroberts » Thu Jul 23, 2015 7:05 pm

I have just submitted the following further post HERE: ... 7676409348

"There have been cases where my pre-moderated comments under these blogs have only finally appeared around 10 DAYS after I posted them. Why is pre-moderation operating in such a fashion? Is it because you hope that no other YECs from outside your site might read my comments?

And now I see that Risner has responded to my comment dated 2 July more than TWO WEEKS after I submitted it. Why? Are you hoping that I will fail to see your rejoinder and thus will fail to respond to it? Especially since you play the game of asking me to list something - hoping I will not see the challenge and will not reply to it thus suggesting that you 'won'. Especially since your new blog dated 23 July blatantly ignores my argument here.

As you know full well Steve, YECs deny 'deep time'. They of course claim is it false and therefore 'not' a scientific discovery. But that IS denial.

And your comment that Newton - who was into alchemy and the occult and was a complex character (possibly bisexual or homosexual too) with apparently few close friends - would be a Christian and biblical creationist if alive today because "he was exceptionally intelligent and this leads an honest person to God" is both weak and speculative and also not very biblical looking if you look closely at 1 Corinthians 1:26-27! (I do not consider it very honest to REMAIN a YEC Christian today - which of course is why SOME YEC Christians then move to OEC to TE - why ELSE would anyone do this if they are evangelicals. (Some abandon Christianity altogether.)

I suggest that you and Charlie should ask yourselves how you would feel if you were on the receiving end of your repeated accusations, frequent condescending 'superior' tone, and highly dogmatic claims and whether such posts would be likely to lead a person to Christ (or back to Christ).

For instance, you demand of me: "when you say confirmed do you mean "prove?"". Yet YECs insist that when THEY use the word 'confirm' they DON'T mean prove. So why should I respond to your attempted cross-examination suggesting that I really meant 'prove' not 'confirm'? I used the word 'confirmed' CONSCIOUSLY, CAREFULLY and DELIBERATELY. Please stop trying to tell me that I 'really' meant, or meant to write, something DIFFERENT to what I actually wrote. Please stop MANIPULATING.

"You've been given many warnings. I feel like a bad parent for not following through." The problem is all yours. My - much delayed by you - post fully met the stated rules for commenting on this site.

And the rest of your rant is despicable. I know WHY. You cannot deal with my points - so you are searching hard for an 'excuse' to permanently ban me. YECs ALWAYS behave like that when under pressure - their position is based on dogma in spite of known facts and when their claims are clearly shown to be mere faith and anti-scientific they become angry and harden their hearts against their critics. Your rant also ignores the most important word near the end of my post dated 2 July. The word 'IF'. The person having a 'tantrum' at the time of your post dated 17 July was NOT me.

Since because of my previous experience here I do not trust you or Wolcott, because you routinely either CENSOR me or DELAY publishing my posts for up to TWO weeks, I have SAVED this post. I intend to always do so in future as well.

I have no respect for you or Wolcott. None. I have respect for Christians who do not behave as you - and other YECs - do.

I will continue to expose your manipulative behaviour at the BCSE community forum or by email."

And I have just submitted the following post HERE (new blog): ... 3715643912

"I only glanced at those comments by Tyler Francke you link to (which have already been responded to in detail by YECs from various quarters) but I am unimpressed by your all pleading in blogs like this one. Since you have DELETED ie SILENTLY CENSORED my attempted detailed responses to allegations and attempted refutations made by yourself and by Wolcott against/towards me under two of the most recent WWs blogs dated 10 and 16 July. Attempted responses which CAN however be read here - since I took the trouble to save my text beforehand (text which did not mock and ridicule and did not break the stated rules for commenting at this site):
Despite having a 'comment' option under your blogs, it would appear that you are more interested in demonising those who oppose YEC claims than in having a proper dialogue with them should they come upon this site. That is the sort of behaviour commonly exhibited by fundamentalists - their main aim appearing to be to 'rouse' their own supporters against all those who disagree rather than expose themselves fully to scientific realities and the resulting pro-science beliefs held by the 'other' Christians, and non-Christians or former Christians, that you encounter online.

You also write: "It’s also noteworthy to mention that many of the greatest minds science has ever known were creationists". But your behaviour is somewhat manipulative. Since I previously described on 2 July - you DELAYED publishing my comment for almost TWO WEEKS and then made a sneaky very late response to it which I have only just discovered - under your blog post dated 2 July: "There is a difference between DENYING scientific discoveries as modern YECs routinely do, and NOT KNOWING about discoveries that were made after one's lifetime. You CANNOT know that eg Newton would be a YEC - or even a Christian - if he was a practising scientist today." ... eptic.html

I have of course now attempted to publish my immediate response (upon discovering it) to your very late post of 17 July replying to me under your previous blog. But the main point for here is that you are falsely trying to claim that being a creationist when eg Sir Isaac Newton was alive is NO DIFFERENT to being a creationist (the YEC kind) TODAY. Unfortunately it is necessary to deny facts such as 'deep time' for today's YECs. Whereas for Newton and his contemporaries the issue was simply a lack of relevant knowledge.

Most YECs make the same basic sorts of claims on origins matters that you make above. Whereas opponents of YEC claims (whether in the church or elsewhere) come from a range of stances. But one thing which unites quite a number of them is a wish to defend science when it comes under attack from vested interests. Thus, although I comment under his blogs, please don't assume I am a 'Tyler Francke disciple' or some such."
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