Another evil, lying, hypocritical YEC

Creationist bloggers can be infuriating. If one has infuriated you by persisting in nonsense even when corrected, or refusing to reply to your criiticsm, you may feel driven to recording the fact. If so, you may register your disapproval here and hope a response is forthcoming.

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Another evil, lying, hypocritical YEC

Postby a_haworthroberts » Fri Aug 08, 2014 12:05 am ... babel.html (latest and currently being discussed blog article) ... 7455786788 (discussion)

In case it should disappear (but this is not Wolcott's personal blog so he cannot just zap my posts and ban me) my post 41, just now, reads:
"Go to hell liar Wolcott.
I never wrote whatever you are citing. You cannot prove that I did.
What or Who is "Mountain Time via Facebook"? I have never heard of anything with that title.
The Bible says that ALL liars will be thrown into a lake of fire. I think you are behaving more like an atheist than I ever do.
You have also changed your fictitious story. You accused me of sending a private message saying those words.
You are beneath contempt and I am angry at your false malicious childish attempts at libel. I will continue to hound you if you do not apologise for your deliberate lying.
Your disgusting mendacity is being made known to a wider audience - on the BCSE community forum.
YEC is evil in the church."

Here's an earlier example of Wolcott embarrassing himself: ... istic.html ... 3666016049

Wolcott - if you read this, and I suggest that you do, you have the right to explain how exactly I have got the facts about you 'wrong'.

YEC - a lifetime of LYING where to admit any of the previous lies is a much worse prospect than carrying on with the lying, covering up, and general false and malicious libel of troublesome critics.
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Re: Another evil, lying, hypocritical YEC

Postby a_haworthroberts » Fri Aug 08, 2014 12:33 am

Just added post 42 (minor typo since corrected):
"I have forwarded one or two emails to Worldview Warriors (none on 3 July US time I don't think).
I have sometimes called various YECs 'fake'. But cannot recall doing that in relation to Charlie in any of my emails to Worldview Warriors.
If Charlie has an email from me of the kind he alleges dated 3 July, let him forward it back to me. My email address is known to Worldview Warriors. I will then accept that my memory must have been deficient.
Put Up or Shut Up, Charlie!
But Charlie has changed his story!!
I have never ever heard of a facebook page or any other page called 'Mountain Time'. I have never ever used a false identity or pseudonym when contacting YECs (I know that some do).
If somebody called 'Mountain Time' even exists, they are not me. And Charlie cannot prove his false and malicious accusation. Which either is pure evil or is the result of paranoia.
I am not the Liar in this discussion."

EDIT at 2.18 am BST
Just added post 43:
"PS I'm not a mindreader but I have finally worked out WHAT Charlie MAY be alleging against me.
He may be saying that someone calling themselves 'Mountain Time' contacted him to message him at this facebook page on 3 July:
This is the FIRST time I have ever viewed Wolcott's facebook page - where he has been lying about me BEHIND MY BACK like the disgusting hypocrite that he is. See the discussion that began on 18 July, where Wolcott wrote "And as for Haywire [that's what a couple of hate-filled YECs call me], I know exactly what his tactic is. Stir up the YEC so strongly that they eventually respond the way he wants them to and THEN blames them for his behavior. As Proverbs says, have nothing to do with a man who stirs up wrath. That's why we block him so much" and "Haywire? Yes he did. BEFORE he found my blog posts. His first thing was "You are a fake"."
Actually my first posts on THIS website, dated 8 July, can be read here: ... 8703914215
Contrary to Charlie's baseless and malicious accusation, I did not call him a 'fake' in my first posts (the one about chromosome 2 instead contained some science - which is anathema to people like Charlie).
IF somebody called 'Mountain Time' messaged Wolcott's facebook page (I spotted nothing but any such message may have been private and hidden) then all the liar has to do is trace the email address of 'Mountain Time'. I guarantee it will not be from one of my two email addresses (which contain my surname in full) - one of which has a UK suffix because, surprise, surprise, I live in the UK and not the US. It would be an odd coincidence if this Mountain Time character - assuming they even exist - was also in the UK.
But Charlie has already been proven a liar, even if the accusation at post 40 is based on mistaken identity and paranoia from Mr Wolcott.
PS Wolcott also says on his facebook page that he was once an OEC (now he expresses his bile towards such Christians). Something he failed to admit to me here. Apparently Charlie does not make 'mistakes'."

PS at 2.42 am
Although I messaged Wolcott on 8 July via facebook, I did NOT view anything his facebook page until just now.
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Re: Another evil, lying, hypocritical YEC

Postby a_haworthroberts » Fri Aug 08, 2014 4:30 am

Message 44 to unrepentant serial liar Wolcott, under his most recent blog post:

"If you received a facebook message from me on 3 July using the word 'fake' as you allege, either send it back to my email address (see my two emails in the past few hours to Worldview Warriors where both my email addresses can be seen) - or stop the lying. I guarantee that if you email me thus I will admit here that I received it. Unless of course you have decided that I will lie? But if you have the proof PRODUCE IT. Or Shut your Mouth.
Just checked my email boxes - NOTHING from you yet ...
I certainly do not recall any such private message from myself and I have also looked at my outbox for 3 July. I would not message you via facebook out of the blue just to call you a 'fake'. It's more likely I made such a remark in one of the previous threads in response to the false claim, if you made such a claim, that radiometric dating is 'fake'. Even if you did get such a message from me - and the onus is on you to prove to me that you did - I do not know why you are whining about it here.
You said 'Mountain Time via facebook'. How the hell am I supposed to know that Mountain Time is a time zone when I do not live in America and have never visited the country?
If you cannot write clear English don't blame me for misunderstanding you.
"And I KNOW it is you because five days later on July 8, at 17:20 (the time you sent it) you also messaged me word for word your first post to my blog on Chromosome 2". LIAR. IN FACT, AS YOUR COMMENTS HAVE REMINDED ME, THE FIRST TIME THAT I CAN EVER RECALL CONTACTING YOU VIA FACEBOOK WAS ON 8 JULY. AND I DID NOT USE THE WORD 'FAKE'. READ MY ACTUAL WORDS HERE, LIAR (message 17): ... 8703914215
The person whose behaviour is indefensible is you.
I am not a 'liar' and you can go to hell where you belong (if there is a hell).
Me being 'caught red handed' is your desperate attempt to try and salvage your pathetic reputation by blackening me.
You ought to work for the Kremlin.
By the way - you ARE a fake. I'm not sure that you are a genuine Christian since you are caught in a cesspit of lies and false allegations entirely of your own making and cannot escape - except by admitting your lies."
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I now think Charlie MAY have been correct on one point

Postby a_haworthroberts » Fri Aug 08, 2014 6:23 am

Further post just added under his blog:

A thought has just struck me.
IF Charlie made a comment on one of the facebook pages that I regularly view (mainly AiG, Ken Ham's page, CMI and Piltdown Superman) on or just before 3 July saying "Radioactive dating is fake" (which it is not) then it is POSSIBLE that I sent him a private message saying "No - you are the fake" although he has not produced evidence that I did in the form of an email/facebook message back to myself. I have occasionally sent such private messages to people I had never heard of after they posted false statements on facebook pages from which I am banned - in each case facebook does not send me a copy of anything thus sent and I kept no personal record of what I sent or who I sent it to. If I sent such a message to Charlie (the words are words I might use but I have no way of knowing who I might have messaged with such words five weeks ago after reading such a statement) then I am sorry that I could not readily recall doing so or verify whether or not I did.

IF this happened, the reason I denied it was because I genuinely did not recall having contacted Charlie prior to 8 July and nothing in his recent comments under his blog triggered my memory ('Mountain Time' made no sense since I do not live in the US).

IF I WAS WRONG ON THAT POINT I NOW APOLOGISE. This MAY be ONE case where the Wolcott allegation against me (that I messaged him via facebook - using my real name not any false identity - after he lied about science on some facebook page from which I was previously banned for 'disagreeing') might have been correct after all. Though he has not so far been able to substantiate his claim to me."

This is correcting a possible mistake. Not 'giving up lying' since I was truthfully saying that I did not think I had sent the message of 3 July that Charlie is alleging and that somebody else must have done so (he falsely accused me of using false identities which I have never done).
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