The Online Church of Bob

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The Online Church of Bob

Postby a_haworthroberts » Thu May 01, 2014 5:22 pm

Who founded the Online Church of Bob?
Cowboy Bob/Robert Sorensen - the Executive Director at The Question Evolution Project.

Who appointed him?
He appointed himself.

What is the purpose of The Question Evolution Project Facebook page, the various Sorensen blog pages such as Piltdown Superman and Stormbringer's Thunder, the Sorensen You Tube channel and so forth that comprise the Online Church of Bob?
Radicalisation of hardline Christian and other fundamentalists over the issue that evolution must be questioned and outright denied at all costs.

What is the attitude of the Online Church of Bob towards outsiders ie all those (whether atheists or otherwise) who question young earth creationist claims?
The purpose of the Online Church of Bob is to antagonise and condemn such people. In most cases they are not permitted to comment at all. Should they comment negatively at the Facebook page, they will be rapidly censored if they fail to fall in line with what Mr Sorensen or other young earth creationists he approves of are insisting is true - and they are liable to be banned permanently if they persist. Because people who disagree with claims made by the Online Church of Bob are Internet Trolls by definition.

What about attempts to evangelise unsaved people who visit the Online Church of Bob using their computer?
This does not form part of the Church's activities.

Is Mr Sorensen ever wrong?
It would appear not since angry atheopaths have an unfortunate habit of accidentally proving him right. Or so he tells members of his online congregation. And as he has mentioned in an Addendum today he is "not obligated to give non-thinking haters a platform for their egos and vitriol". Take that, Troll! And he is not obligated to answer impertinent questions either! Nor to demonstrate to people exactly how the have committed the offences of which he has pronounced them guilty - if they cannot understand how they have transgressed he is not obligated to explain it to them. ... arwin.html

What about the Bible?
The Online Church of Bob uses scriptures verses such as verses found in Romans 1 as a weapon with which to beat the unbelievers and sceptics who visit the Church's web pages. However, those sceptics or unbelievers are not permitted to do the same thing to Mr Sorensen ie if he is reminded of verses such as Revelation 21:8 he will shrug that off and carry on informing members of the Online Church of Bob that the 'liars' are the people who disagree with young earth creationism.

Is the leader of the Online Church of Bob an intellectual?
He most certainly is and he understands Logic better than You and can spot a logical fallacy made by an atheopath a mile off.

Is the Online Church of Bob doing the Will of the Lord?
Well they are certainly attracting a vast amount of criticism from many quarters. What further evidence do you need?

What about involvement in a real, local, church?
Mr Sorensen does not believe that participation in a local Christian church, including recognising the authority of an ordained or theologically trained church minister, is a priority for him. That is why he seldom if ever mentions any involvement with a local church within his blogs.
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