Since when was lying about climate change 'Christian'?

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Since when was lying about climate change 'Christian'?

Postby a_haworthroberts » Fri Sep 06, 2019 8:44 pm ... d-articles
These reality-denying fundamentalists don't care about the poor in India or anywhere else.
''It is preposterous to think that the trace amounts of CO2 that men produce ... has the potential to cause catastrophic effects to the planet.'' LIAR.
''Man only adds 20 parts of CO2 per million parts of air.'' LIAR. ... an-history
''The last ice age, the Little Ice Age occurred about 1400 to 1700 AD and the earth has been warming since then with ocean levels rising slowly. It is not new phenomena, actually. It will continue until the earth becomes cooler again. Historical data suggests that climate has a history of being cyclical with regional temperature fluctuation trends rising and falling. It will soon cool down as most climatologists predict.'' LIAR. Besides the Little Ice Age was NOT global. Global warming is er global. The climate will continue to WARM, it will NOT 'soon cool down' overall ie reversing the trend of the last 100 years plus, unless humans do something about the issue (even then all that may happen is that there will be no further warming). And climatologists are NOT predicting 'cooling' 'soon', American LIAR:

DENYING, against known science (that in no way contradicts something in the Bible) that humans have warmed the planet is not part of biblical Christianity.

Telling LIES is not part of biblical Christianity.

These people are reckless fanatics. I despise them utterly for that.

Christians are supposed to be stewards of this planet. Not science deniers and liars who won't face the facts. ... -alarming/
''If you start with evolution and millions of years, you’ll interpret the evidence differently from someone who starts with the history in God’s Word.'' I start with neither evolution nor 'the history in God's Word'. Nor do climatologists. We start with KNOWN, MEASURABLE, OBSERVABLE, SCIENCE Mr LIAR Ken Ham.
The bigoted LIAR Ken Ham is alarming. One day he will be dead. And billions of other people will still be alive and facing an ever-increasingly heating planet. Saying that current global warming isn't alarming (and denying that we have caused it) 'because' climates have always changed in the past, is a cynical, deliberate LIE.

I seriously doubt these right wing science deniers are genuine Christians (even if they think they are). They are LIARS and con artists, and they HATE science.
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