The Creationism Delusion

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The Creationism Delusion

Postby a_haworthroberts » Sat Aug 25, 2018 1:02 am

Two brand new articles show what this delusion can do to some peoples' brains.

''So, if massive caves cannot form slowly, or deeply, how were they created?

You are correct to believe that they were primarily formed during the Flood. In Caves for all seasons Dr Silvestru argues that the conduits were formed by hydrothermal solution (HTS) associated with tectonic and volcanic processes. Once global upheaval largely ceased, surface processes started to reshape the caves—adding what Dr Silvestru suggests is the ‘final touch’.''

Most caves exist in areas of limestone or other sedimentary rocks. Not igneous rocks that result from proximity to present-day or past active volcanoes. Besides which the Genesis account of the flood says nothing about 'volcanic processes' - or hydrogen sulphide or sulphuric acid. The new article also quotes from a previous CMI one that offered the following, unreferenced, claim:
''To eat away the limestone, the water must be acidic. How does it get deep inside the rock without losing its acidity? Thousands of measurements show that by dissolving limestone, the water loses its acidity within some 10 metres of the surface. It is only possible for water to flow deep underground if it follows pre-existing conduits''.
Perhaps Dr Silvestru can inform us whether any such 'pre-existing conduits' from around 4,500 years ago have been ever been discovered by anyone where limestone or other karst caves are being formed, slowly, today?

(2) ... the-flood/ 'Great Testimonies of the Flood.'
''The evidence for the global flood is all around us—the rocks cry out their testimony to the truth of God’s Word. Sadly at most of the sites of these great testimonies to the flood and its aftermath, the signage refuses to acknowledge how this catastrophe and its aftermath shaped geology. Instead they appeal to slow, gradual processes over millions of years to explain various geological features. But when you reject the greatest catastrophe off all time, you won’t come to the right interpretation of the evidence!''
''... when you look at the world starting with God’s Word, you can see that the layers that form Grand Canyon were laid down during the flood ...''.
But look at what Ken Ham rejects in his quest to indoctrinate Christians (and young children). He frequently falsely claims to love 'science'. I say falsely - because he wilfully ignores compelling evidence against his dogmatic beliefs, and instead says he is looking at the world ''starting with God's Word'' (which however does not say anything in Genesis about canyons whatsoever):
viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3881&p=52038&hilit=collins#p52038 (Lorence Collins mentioned the Grand Canyon in his detailed article)
viewtopic.php?f=18&t=2967&p=51992&hilit=grand+canyon#p51992 (my post of 13 March this year)
Still no dinosaur fossils uncovered in those vast Grand Canyon layers, Mr Ham, Most of the layers are way way too old. ... 5157908224
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