Ken Ham, professional science denier promoting lies

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Ken Ham, professional science denier promoting lies

Postby a_haworthroberts » Mon Jan 29, 2018 11:24 pm ... g-extinct/
Any excuse to bash science in order to promote his brand of Bible literalism. The simple answer is probably that world temperatures have not been 3.8 F (around 2.5 C) higher than today within the last 10 million years.
"This is very inconsistent." That is deliberate dogma designed solely to confuse and promote false scepticism.
This article is full of lies. "Those who believe in catastrophic, man-made climate change usually start with an evolutionary view of the past." Evolution is totally irrelevant. What is relevant is the proven age of the Earth - which is definitely not just 6,000 years! "So even minor climate change, they argue, is alarming and probably man-made". Liar. They do not, I repeat not, believe it is alarming simply because Earth is not just 6,000 years old. They believe it is alarming because it is provably (from evidence and from direct measurement) caused by humanity and not 'natural' (or related to any fictional 'worldwide flood'), and because the speed of temperature rise that has already occurred, around 1 Celsius in just 100 years, is almost unprecedented in known Earth history. And the fraud still hasn't finished. He admits that "climate change is real" but then tries to eat again the cake he's just swallowed - "but whether it's primarily man-made or natural cycles of climate is an entirely different issue". Oh no it isn't. And the rest of the paragraph following this agenda-driven blatant falsehood is total hogwash that brings shame on Christianity. It is an insult to intelligence - but his bigoted fans will doubtless swallow it without question even though it abuses or misuses Genesis 1:31 and apart from speculation that God has 'cursed' the climate (only when there is artificial warming or previously too when there was some natural cooling during the 'little ice age'?) not one iota of the rest of the remarks can be supported from Genesis and indeed are contradicted by Genesis notably Genesis 8:22.

This man is a liar and an extremist.

His oft repeated claim to 'love' science is a hypocritical disgusting lie.

If he was really a lover of science he would stop his lying and address this:

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